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MPMR is committed to address all grievances and complaints related to its internal, external associates as well as stakeholders of the supply chain, in a fair and unbiased manner.

We ensure that -

  • * The complainant will not be subject to any discrimination and the complaint will be investigated in a fair, timely and transparent manner.
  • * If the complainant prefers anonymity, for any reason, they may write directly to complaints@mpmrcl.com, providing all the mandatory details as requested below. However, note that unsupported and unsubstantiated complaints will not be considered or acted upon.
  • * In order to enable us to take expeditious action, each complaint must be supported with credible and factual evidence.
  • * Unsupported and unsubstantiated complaints will not be considered or acted upon.
  • * Individuals / Organizations within the supply chain (or otherwise) are encouraged to come forward to constructively bring to our attention incidents of misbehaviour, malfeasance or risk as soon as identified, so it can be promptly addressed and mitigated by the relevant authorities.

Based on the type of grievance, it will be directed to the right department for verification by MPMR Management, investigation and resolution. The Board of MPMR and the complainant will be updated regularly of the status of the grievance, through official communications.

The documented and evidence substantiated complaints can be with regards to human right abuse, bribery, drug & alcohol abuse, environment, health & safety and any other grievances complainant has.

Please use the below form to submit your grievances / complaints.

Complaint Ref #
Complainant Name
Type of Complaint
Complaint Description
Evidence (PDF / JPG)

* All fields are Mandatory.
* If you have multiple evidences/files to submit, or if the file size is more than 500 KB, then please use WeTransfer to upload the files and enter the link in the description field.