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MPMR policies and practices are based on ensuring Responsible and traceable Sourcing of Gold free of illegal activities, human rights violations or other unethical / illegal activities, to guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of the source of our precious metals from point of production to the end-markets where we sell.

This is ensured by buying Gold from Government registered Small-Scale Miners, Mid/Large-Scale Mining Companies and registered Gold Dealers, substantiated with proper documents conforming to statutory laws; proof of royalties paid and origin - that too only at Government-Approved Gold Markets.

Our policies ensure we monitor and keep a vigilant check on Artisanal and Small-Scale mining activities through our partners, the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) who are the "Guardians of Small-Scale Miners in Tanzania", to create a trail of production and collaboration with them. In the process, we inculcate and emphasise importance of ethical and environmental friendly practices in their productivity whilst ensuring fair pricing to them. This leads to increased productivity, personal development and well-being of the local miners.

The emphasis on compliance is inculcated in all our employees by constant reminders through meetings and necessary trainings.

Our KYC and Code of Conduct emphasises on conformity to our business policies including but not limited to AML, Human Rights, Child Labour and Anti-Corruption.

Please click here to view MPMR Precious Metal Supply Chain Policy.