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We provide World-Class Refining facilities in the heart of Tanzania with the prime objective of being a one-stop shop for Miners / Dealers to sell their commodities to MPMR complying to International and National Directives.
Our team has decades of proven Knowledge and Expertise and we Conduct Business in strict Compliance with International Guidelines. MPMR is committed to a Sustainable Future employing Environment-Friendly and Energy-Efficient production process.

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and are committed to ensuring that we exceed International standards in this aspect.
MPMR has the diversity and the perfect blend of local and international experts who are individually and collectively committed to a sustainable future. We consider the treatment of any toxic substances and the safe disposal of production waste a vital step to ensure protecting the environment and addressing health and safety issues in the industry.
We all work with a sense of belonging, Self-Initiatve, Ownership and as Committed members of One family - MPMR Family

Forging a Golden Present......For a Sustainable Future.

Anand Mohan Mahajan
March 2021