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Trading Services

       MPMR policies and practices are based on ensuring Responsible and traceable Sourcing of Gold free of illegal activities, human rights violations or other unethical / illegal activities,
       to guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of the source of our precious metals from point of production to the end-markets where we sell.

       Our Trading activity is based on Purchasing Unrefined Gold from Government Registered Small-Scale Miners, Mid/Large-Scale Mining Companies and Registered Gold Dealers.

       Our fundamental objectives are to guarantee an open and genuine supply chain for gold and silver sourced to the refinery.

       We have a core set of principles and fundamental values that we uphold, which must be endorsed by every stakeholder we associate with. We ensure that these values are upheld at every point in our                         entire work process to safeguard our credibility & transparency to our customers and maintain legislative and ethical standards.

       Our KYC and Code of Conduct emphasizes on conformity to our business policies including but not limited to AML, Human Rights, Child Labor and Anti-Corruption.