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Analysis Services

At MPMR our state-of-the-art facilities compromise:

XRF (X-rays Fluorescence Technique); All scrap gold received by MPMR is first tested using the X-Ray Fluorescence technique, a non-destructive process to measure a specific combination of metals for internal control, using highly sophisticated and accurate XRF Equipment.

Fire Assay (Cupellation); Our refinery uses the time tested and proven Internationally accepted Fire Assay process which continues to be the most accurate way to verify the purity of Precious Metals to provide Fineness (Purity) according to International Standards.

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP); We use a sophisticated High-Precision Instrument to measure any combination of metals to parts-per-million levels of accuracy. Extremely minute traces of metals that would otherwise be undetectable can be detected using this equipment.