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A short Video Documentary About Us

Mwanza Precious Metals Refinery (MPMR) is a joint venture initiative of ACME Consultant Engineers Pte Ltd., Singapore (ACME) and State Mining Corporation (STAMICO), a Fully Owned State Corporation under the Ministry of Minerals.

MPMR acquires Precious Metal from qualified sources Authenticated by the Ministry of Minerals and Mining Commission of the Republic of Tanzania as well as Ethical Sellers from neighbouring countries.

Our Refinery works in strict Compliance with International Guidelines, Practices and Statutory Laws as well as those prevalent in the Republic of Tanzania. Our SOP for sourcing Feedstock to our Refinery conforms to strict Social Ethical Standards.

The Refinery is also the Gateway for SADC / EAC Countries to sell their unrefined “traceable” gold to MPMR rather than outreach to distant Overseas Markets.